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Houses are judged using 3 basic categories -
Maintenance, Streetscape, and Authenticity
  • The house should be well maintained. For example, the paint, gutters, downspouts, porch railings and posts should be in good condition.
  • The view from the street should not be obstructed by overgrown or unkempt landscape features.
  • Original materials and features have been preserved, such as original windows, doors, porch railings and posts, shingles, or stucco.
  • If original materials or features have been replaced for some reason, then the new materials and features should mimic the appearance of the original materials.
  • If additions or reconstruction of some portions of the building have been done, they must appropriately compliment the original historic style of the building.
  • No "gingerbread" or decorative features has been added to the building that alters the original historic appearance of the building.

Be Part of the Nomination Process!


How do you know when an eye-catching home or structure should be nominated for the Ridley Park Historical Preservation Award?


The Award is given to historic homeowners who have maintained, or renovated their home in such a way that the historic materials and features have been preserved and highlighted.


House are judged on three basic categories - Maintenance, Streetscape, and Authenticity. The qualifications for Maintenance and Authenticity are based on the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, which is a guideline for how historic structures can be repaired, restored and altered. The qualifications for Streetscape have more to do with how the landscaping enhances the view of the structure from the street.

Appropriate nominations

The first requirements for the Nomination are fairly straightforward:

  • The structure must be located in Ridley Park.
  • The structure must be at least 50 years old.
  • All work being done to the house must be complete.

The homes are judged by members of the Ridley Park Historical Architectural Review Board and the Historic Commission who follow the standards and guidelines of the Department of the Interior. These guidelines include preserving the historic character of the property, retaining distinctive materials, and maintaining the property as a physical representation of its time.

Each year this award is given to industrious homeowners who through meticulous work have restored the exterior of their home to it's original beauty and grandeur.

Historic Preservation Award


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