Ridley Park Historical Society


This information you provide about your home with the application will not only show your house to be 100+ years old, but copies of this information will also help the Historical Society to begin a file tracing of properties in the borough.

The "Century House Plaque Program" will identify houses 100+ years old with a 6x6 bronze plaque than can be purchase for only $150. If your home is 100+ years old you are eligible to purchase a plaque.


The Ridley Park Historical Society has launched a new program to commemorate those houses in the borough that have reached their 100th Birthday. This milestone can be marked with our "Century House" plaque. The Century House Plaque Program recognizes those houses in the borough that were built 100 or more years ago and is a great way to make your home even more special.  


Century House plaque


We hope you will consider joining the program by becoming a Century House plaque holder! If you would like information on how to research your house's age and history please email us at rphistorical@hotmail.com.