Plan of ridley park


This was an informative booklet advertising the new town of Ridley Park. Talks about the new buildings, the lake, and all the advantages of why you should move out of the city and build your new house out in the country.

Ridley park association

 1873 pay rolls

Here are four of the original payrolls from 1873 when Robert Morris Copeland and his team were taking farmland and creating roads, building parks, lakes and the hotel for the new town. See the names of the men who literally built Ridley Park.

 Scenes From The Past

Isaac Hinckley

1881 business letter

Isaac Hinckley was president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad. It was his idea to create Ridley Park on the new rail line being constructed and formed the Ridley Park Association. Here he is writing about Ridley Park business concerning Joseph Burke.

Map of ridley park


ridley park Hotel


The Ridley Park Hotel opened in the spring of 1873 as a place to stay for visitors to the new town. It was located where the Halkett mansion now stands at 100 Swarthmore Ave. The hotel was torn down in 1904.

Ridley park association

bill of sale

Here is an example of one of many Bill of Sales issued by the Ridley Park Association as they sold off land in the new town. This one was issued to Jacob Tome in 1885.

Ridley Park Historical Society