Ridley Park Historical Society

 P.O. BOX 264

Ridley Park, PA 19078




The RPHS is in the process of exploring locations to exhibit memorabilia and mementos from Ridley Park.


Our vision is to continue to offer programs and social events that educate and encourage the preservation of Ridley Park's historical assets and resources.


Since we organized in 2000, we have collected artifacts and memorabilia from early Ridley Park. We continue to search for a property or location that will serve the community as a social gathering place and museum to display the Society's collections.


We need your help to join our efforts and collaborate with other historical organizations and local government to bring this preservation effort to the forefront.

Ridley Park Historical Society


The Ridley Park Historical Society was founded in 2000 to collect, exhibit and preserve historical artifacts related to the history of Ridley Park. We are entrusted to safeguard and protect these resources while offering the community an opportunity to participate in events that heighten awareness of local history.



By becoming a member you acknowledge that history is an integral part of Ridley Park's future.

Your membership affords us visibility and recognition in government decisions that have the potential to affect historic preservation.

As a member you are entitled to the following:

  • First invitation to our events. Typically our events are sold out, but as a member you receive notification and consideration before the general public.
  • Quarterly newsletter.
  • Members Meetings - many with special speakers.